Need Help Launching a Business Critical eLearning Project? 

Did you know 80% of eLearning projects fail?  Why?
Because project managers just aren’t prepared. Don’t become a statistic!

Done-With-You: eLearning Project Management Coaching

Need a proven process to launch a complex eLearning program?
Is this your first eLearning project? No Problem. Quit wasting your time on DIY.

Good News! 
Save 50% in project costs, launch On-time and keep your work/life balance.
Introducing the Design2Train Method (D2TM) Quick Start Coaching Program

D2TM Quick Start was created for first time eLearning project managers to get going!  Day-1 of LIVE training learn the 9-step process and that afternoon working on YOUR project. This is our process used to deliver 100’s of hours of eLearning On-Time.

Work at your own pace with access ALL program resources for 90-days in the exclusive D2TM Client Portal. 

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Done-For-You: No-Fail eLearning Project Leadership

No eLearning Project Management experience? No problem, we are ready to serve. 
We have all the resources needed to launch a complex program within 90 days.

Good News!
Our Team uses our own award-winning proven process to Make it Happen!
Introducing the Design2Train Method: Leadership Program (D2TM- Leader)

The D2TM-Leader program guides non-training professionals with a proven process, partnered with a D2TM eLearning expert, to manage the entire Content roadmap to successfully launch a business critical program with a $100K min budget..

D2TM-Leader uses a unique cost saving two-contract system build a strong Risk Management foundation from Day-1..

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