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eLearning Project Tip 9: Be The Project Leader, Don’t Fail as a Training Developer WannaBe!

How do you control costs, deliver your first successful eLearning project, and earn the red cape of eLearning superhero?

Just because you can use PowerPoint and take iPhone videos does NOT make you a Training Professional.

Can you successfully deliver an eLearning project if you DO NOT have a training background? YES. BUT YOU NEED HELP! HINT: Hire an experienced eLearning Professional to Tag-Team with you to deliver your project ON-time and ON-budget.

What is your role? Serve as the Project Manager. No, you don’t need to be a “real certified project manager”. Your role is to focus on managing the company assets and ensure all critical project tasks and activities are met.

Releasing control of developing the training elements to the experienced eLearning instructional designer ENSURES the project will deliver on-time and MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD.

Get going with the eMA Quick Start option in two short 90-minute sessions. Get the knowledge, confidence and skills to manage the project.

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