What is the difference between Contributors and Stakeholders on an eLearning Project Management Team? Contributors are team members with whom you will normally meet with once, but their knowledge is critical to project success. Examples of training contributors could include:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Training Manager (if not directly involved in the project)
  • LMS Administrator /Webmaster
  • Audio Narrator
  • Videographer / Video Editor

Each of these contributors has one special expertise that they bring to the project.

Stakeholders are more actively involved in the daily operations of the eLearning project.  They have “skin in the game” and are very interested in making sure the program is successful.   Examples of stakeholders:

  • Senior management (Supervisor and “Champion” VP or Director)
  • Subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Instructional Designer
  • Content Developer
  • Graphics Artist

The combination of contributors and stakeholders changes with each project, but their contributions are essential to the eLearning project being delivered on-time and budget, while meeting instructional goals.