Non-Training Professionals vs On-Time eLearning Launches
Training industry revealed that 80% of eLearning projects fail on-time launch?  Why?  I believe one reason is because there are a lot of non-training professionals now tasked to deliver complex “business critical” eLearning project.  The failure reality stems from, “They don’t know, what they don’t know”.  Missed launches can spell disaster for companies and careers. 

Who are Non-Training Professionals? 
Non-training professionals are those smart, competent, company leaders and product experts. Their company titles could be: Product Engineer, Safety Director, Customer Service Manager, VP Sales, Product Manager, Business Owner or Startup CEO. But what’s missing in their title? Yes, the word TRAINING.

The Reality: Delivering complex eLearning programs on-time, requires the expertise of a professional instructional designer and eLearning expert. This skill set takes time to hone and is developed by successfully delivering 100’s of hours of eLearning.

How did non-training professionals get tasked with delivering eLearning projects?
Most company leaders depended upon the “training department” to prepare training programs. Guess what? Training department functions have radically changed and are now often focused on delivering “compensatory training” rather than producing product or services training. This puts the burden of product training back on the divisions / departments to handle. That’s how non-training professionals ended up with launching business critical eLearning programs.

Let’s face it, while these leaders are product experts, they are just NOT prepared to successfully manage or deliver complex eLearning projects on-time. That’s why 80% of eLearning projects fail to launch.  

Are you a Non-Training Professional tasked with a “business critical” eLearning project?  
Chill.  There is a program developed just for you, to gain the knowledge, confidence, and skills to deliver a complex eLearning project on-time in 90 days or less, without impacting your “real job” or destroying your delicate work/life balance.

What’s your time worth? 
Don’t have weeks or months to become an eLearning expert? No problem. Check out the Design2Train Method Quick Start (D2TM Quick Start) for a SUPER FAST Project Ramp-Up. On Day-1 AM Session learn the 9-step process and that afternoon, actually begin managing your own project!

We take the worry out of project management, especially for first time eLearning Project Managers, with a complete  training and coaching solution to deliver on-time without impacting your “real job” or destroying your valued work/life balance. 

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