Design2Train, founded in 2001, is an award-winning instructional design agency, specializing in eLearning. 
We have delivered 100’s of hours of custom eLearning on-time and on-budget. 
Design2Train is a federally certified woman-owned business and a Texas corporation.
We welcome the opportunity to serve your eLearning project needs.

Need to Launch a Business Critical eLearning Project
but don’t have a training background ?

We help non-training professionals successfully manage
On-Time eLearning project launches
without disrupting their real job or personal work/life balance.

The Design2Train Method (D2TMethod) our 9-step eLearning project management coaching system.

Why Do You Need the D2TMethod?
According to training research, 80% of big eLearning projects FAIL. Can your company afford to become an eLearning statistic?

Many projects start to fail in the Design Phase because when you “fail to plan, you plan to fail”. When your project starts failing, it’s a domino effect. You go into panic mode and start wasting time. And we all know, Time is Money.

Project stress builds and suddenly there’s not enough time for your “real job”. Even your precious personal work/life balance goes totally out of whack as you throw more time at the project, not to mention the sleep-less nights waking up at 3am. 

Wait, It’s not your fault, and you quickly realize that “you don’t know what you don’t know”. In reality, many projects are doomed to fail, from the start because project leadership has failed to put a proven process in place from Day-1. 

To totally avoid the hamster wheel of project failure, we created the D2TMethod, a unique coaching program designed for successfully guiding non-training professionals through the intricate maze of eLearning project management.

The D2T Method program is based upon my personal 28+ years of real project experience. I invested over three years into developing a process that helps people ,like my many clients, who don’t have experience developing complex eLearning training programs to succeed on their first project.  and here’s the secret sauce to success.   Over the years we identified eLearning projects typically have 50+ Tasks and 150+ Activities to complete in sequential order.

Most people don’t realize there is that much to do when they start a new project. That’s why newbie PMs lose time getting started or can never stay on-track, because they didn’t have a clear path from A->B to follow.

 I pee condensed everything into a simple three phase process with 9-steps to complete in order. Follow the program and be successful.

The Design2Train Method is a complete program offered in a cohort setting that includi  
– LIVE Quick Start to get you started working your own project on Day-1.  The D2T Method includes:
– LIVE Phase training sessions
LIVE weekly coaching calls,

Access to   in small In the 3-Hour AM interactive coaching session, we teach you the entire 9-step process for contextual reference. Then we get laser focused on Phase 1: Design Risk Management. The information you learn in the AM session can literally save you weeks of frustration just fumbling around trying to get started. 

In the Day-1 PM session, actually start working on your own project.  You leave Day-1 Quick Start with the confidence, knowledge and  project management tools needed to start the on-time delivery of your custom eLearning project.

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