Get the Skills You Need to Succeed
On Your First and Every Project to
Save $$$ and Deliver On-Time!

Industry research shows 80% of eLearning projects FAIL.
Why? Because most project managers aren’t prepared.
Don’t become a statistic!


It can be a difficult situation when your boss expects you to deliver your first eLearning project and you feel like you can’t say NO.

But behind your weak smile, you are thinking, “I don’t have a training development background. How am I going to get this completed and still have time to get my REAL job done?Houston, we have a problem!  Can you relate?

Take a Look at the Titles of Recent eLearning Clients
Notice Something Interesting?

• National Sales Manager                  • Federal Agency Technical Manager
• Engineering Project Manager         • Environmental Engineer Consultant
• Airport Environmental Director      • Mortgage Servicing Manager
• Health Care Sales Manager             • Property & Casualty Manager
• Risk Assessment Manager              • Subsea Engineering Manager

What is missing? 

That’s right, NONE of them was a training professional, but each one was assigned to deliver a business critical  eLearning project. This is a very typical situation with our clients.  We successfully helped each one of them to deliver high-quality training On-Time to meet the specific project needs, while educating them in the process.  

Let’s face it… eLearning projects are complex, messy, and it’s almost impossible to get a project completed on-time or on-budget. There are just too many things that need to happen concurrently or get completed BEFORE proceeding.

If you never managed an eLearning project, its simple… you don’t know what you don’t know.  And that lack of knowledge can come back to bite you later in so many ways.

For clarification… I am NOT TALKING about shooting a little 15-minute animated video. We are talking about a REAL program with lots of audiences (perhaps even multi-languages), many streams of data, knowledge checks, case studies, and a final quiz with certificate.

Do you even know how to get started?  Even if you create training,  it’s EASY TO FORGET SOMETHING THAT IS NEEDED.

Here’s how I describe the complexity of managing eLearning.  
“Delivering an eLearning project is like baking a cake. Unless you follow the recipe step-by-step, it’s not going to look like, taste like or even be a cake when you get done. You have got to have a recipe and then follow it to successfully bake a cake.”  Same concept with eLearning.

Have you been tasked with delivering of a business critical (high profile) eLearning program? Are you clueless and struggling?  Take a deep breath, we have you covered with the Design2Train Method Quick Start Coaching Program

Who has time to waste in learning theory and trying to make it fit your project?  Learn the process AND get started on YOUR project on Day-1. 

Why do you need the D2T Method Quick Start  program? 

The D2T Method Quick Start is the best way to get started. It is a both a personalized training AND coaching program.

 If you attend the training and follow the program, we guarantee you will save time and money, even on your first project.  My teams have won training industry awards using this exact process. But more importantly, we share our secreted on how we have consistently delivered 100’s of hours of complex eLearning programs to happy customers on-time and on-budget, PERIOD.

We have even more GOOD news…
Once you have completed your first eLearning project, you are prepared to successfully “rinse and repeat” future eLearning projects. Using the sameD2T Method process and reusing templates on all future projects.  You could even earn the cape as Company eLearning HERO! 

What is included in the D2TM Quick Start program?

D2TM is a COMPLETE Three-Phase / 9-Step Program PACKAGE including:
• LIVE D2TM Quick Start Day-1 Coaching Session – (Two 2-hour sessions)
• Access to D2TM Client Portal  – 90 Day Access
• LIVE D2TM Phase 2 & Phase 3 Training / Coaching Sessions
Detailed Checklists for 50+ Tasks  & 150+ Activities (modified to your project)
Ready-to-Fill Templates: 4 key documents & project  communications
• LIVE Weekly Q&A Calls  (archived in portal)

PLUS Valuable Bonuses ($2500 Total Value)
•  D2T Team Project Scope Discovery Call:($500 value)
•  D2T Team Review and personalize Your Project Checklists ($1500 value)
•  D2T Team Review of T&M or SOW Document ($500 value)
•  CPE Professional Development Credit – 10 hours (TX Education Agency) 
•  D2TM Certificate (upon project completion)

What eLearning project management skills will you learn?

Phase 1: Design Phase Risk Management 
Get answers to these (and more) critical questions…
• How to setup the critical senior management team? 
• Choosing the best subject matter experts (SMEs)?
• Choosing the best format and cadence for project progress?
• Who should be your project tag-team co-leader?
• What tasks and activities (in order) to successfully complete each  project phases?
• Identifying who are the best stakeholders and contributors?
•  Which stakeholders to interview in the Design Phase to manage project risk?
• What departments to get onboard before you release start the project?
• Who is invited to the Stakeholder Kickoff Meeting and what’s your agenda?
• What 4 key documents to prepare in the Design Phase?
• How to save 50% production costs by contracting the Design Phase separate from the other two?

Phase 2: Content Development Management 
Get answers to these critical questions…
• How to manage content development and save 50% in production costs?
• How to select the best content developers for text, audio and video to meet your project needs?
• Who should be present at video script writing and video shoots?
• How to best work with the legal department to STOP the never ending review cycle?
• Forming a Focus Group to pilot the program?
• Creating a communications plan for pre-launch, launch and post-launch messaging?
• How to finalize program content and prepare for Deployment?

Phase 3: Launch / Sustain Management 
Get answers to these critical questions…
How to manage launch and sustain phases efficiently?
How to setup and test LMS readiness prior to launch?
• Celebrate your team’s success
How to wrap-up the project correctly? 

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
“If for any reason in the next 30 days, you don’t agree that this incredible package is worth every penny, contact Customer Support via email and we’ll happily refund your investment.”