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Design2Train Method Quick Start
eLearning Project Management System

Why Choose Design2Train (D2TM) Quick Start?
Research reveals 80% of eLearning project FAIL.
Why? Unprepared project leaders. Don’t become a statistic.

Who benefits from D2TM Quick Start?
BUSY non-training professionals like business owners, start-up CEOs, engineers, sales, safety, or product managers who want to successfully launch the project while maintaining their real job life / work balance

Starting Day-1, transform your management talents into confidently managing a business critical eLearning project.

D2TM works with all types of training deliverables including: technical product introduction, sales or safety training, management soft skills, professional development or certification for national and / or global launches. 


How is D2TM Quick Start different? 
Day-1 LIVE Webinar Start implementing 
AM Session
: Learn the 9-Step “big picture” project vision
PM Session: Start working your project Design Phase.

• D2TM Quick Start is not sponsored by a courseware development tool or LMS. We are a process that works with all tools

D2TM Quick Start transforms a complex project into a practical step-by-step process.

• Choose DWY (Done-With-You) or DFY (Done-For-You) implementation options.

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Project Staffing & Services

No eLearning production resources? No Problem!
Step 1: Discovery Call – let’s get acquainted with your project goals.
Step 2: Project Interview – Schedule a paid 90-minute interview to discuss your project specifics. Receive a detailed three-phased training plan with deliverable options, staffing, and tips for rapid content development practices. 

Consider Design2Train for one source of staffing & services like:
Project Content Lead (eLearning expert – instructional designer) for all content deliverables 
Content Developers (instructional designers, graphic artists, comms messaging, technical content reviewers)
Technical (audio / video producers, LMS implementors)

Quit wasting time trying to DIY. 
We do the heavy lifting, you take the credit.  Book a free Discovery Call and let’s talk. 

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Design2Train is an award-winning eLearning instructional design agency, founded in 2001.
Our teams have delivered 100's of hours of custom eLearning On-Time and On-Budget.

Our proven 9-Step
eLearning Project Management process is now a Coaching program. 
Design2Train is a federally certified woman-owned business.
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