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It can be a difficult situation when your boss expects you to deliver your first eLearning project and you feel like you can’t say NO. But behind your weak smile, you are thinking, “I don’t have a training development background. How am I going to get this completed and still have time to get my REAL job done?” Can you relate?

On the positive side:  You are excited about getting a new assignment that will have a great impact on your company and your career.

But then you get that sinking feeling: You have NEVER put together a real training program. You can hardly develop a simple slide deck..  Houston, we have a problem!

Take a Look at the Titles of Recent eLearning Clients.
Notice Something Interesting?



What is missing?
That’s right, NONE was a training professional, but each was assigned to deliver a business critical  eLearning project. This is a very typical situation with our clients.  We successfully worked with each to deliver their high-quality training program On-Time.

For clarification… I am NOT TALKING about a little 15-minute video.  We are talking about developing a real engaging TRAINING PROGRAM that could cover multiple days, a global launch, or multi-audiences with intense guided instruction.

A complex training could be a new employee onboarding, global new product introduction, safety certification or a professional development program. 

I’m Valerie K. Miller, M Ed., CMP | Design2Train CEO  
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LIVE complete coaching programs, start Day-1 on your project. 
• Phase 1: Design Risk Management foundation completed in three weeks.
• Need eLearning staffing? We have the people and process you need.
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Let’s face it…
eLearning projects are complex, messy, and almost impossible to complete your first project On-Time.

Research has shown most projects fail because there was NOT a process in place from Day-1.

Never managed an eLearning project? You don’t know what you don’t know
That lack of knowledge will come back to bite you in so many ways.

Do you need more (un-necessry) project stress on top of your real job? 

Here’s the D2TMethod back story…
Mike is a product safety manager who occasionally has to create simple classroom training slide decks. We had worked with him on preparing templates for simple instructor-led projects previously, so when Mike called, I was really curious. After repeatedly apologizing for not contacting us, he spilled the beans.

He said, it all started, when his boss assigned him to develop a 16-hour complex product orientation / safety eLearning program. Mike thought, since he had put together some classroom training, that eLearning couldn’t be THAT different, so he chose to just “wing it” and hire extra help “as he needed”. He got a good cheap bid, or so he thought. 

He outsourced content development to the lowest bidder, that turned out to be NOT so cheap after they had to re-do the program multiple times due to cultural and spelling errors and charged him for the updates.  Then there was the videotaping fiasco, with hours of wasted filming and editing due to a lack of scripting and content review. Oops, in reality, the project went off-course from Day-1 and turned into a PAINFUL TIME MONSTER.

Mike confessed there was a lack of senior management support, especially when he had to deal with an ugly project power struggle initiated by a manager from a different division. Then project broke down again into a never-ending review cycle. Mike had to keep re-doing the content over and over until the entire 15-member “curriculum committee” was satisfied and signed off.

He realized that he was NOT Managing the project, it was controlling him – and there was no way to get it back on track! 

Well… the project was finally delivered 2 months LATE, but even worse, it ended up costing 3X OVER the original bid and totally blew Mike’s entire yearly training budget. But then, Mike had to ask his boss for an additional $125K to cover the final invoice.  His boss was NOT happy. Mike was concerned the project would be a BAD strike against him on his upcoming review.  Then he started worrying and losing sleep wondering if the project could actually cost him his career?

Bottomline: The project was actually out of scope from Day-1,  tensions were high and it took a toll on Mike, who spent many sleepless nights worrying about the project.  Can you relate? Have you suffered from a bad eLearning experience? 

Mike’s story hit me like a ton of bricks.
He was a prime example of why 80% of eLearning projects FAIL.

It became clear to me… It was time to formalize and teach our proven eLearning project management process to a new crop of project mangers to give them the information and confidence to help them BEFORE their project started. 

I personally invested 3+ years in perfecting the process into a simple to follow, coaching program that NON-training professional clients could use and achieve success. We have the winning Coaching Program formula ready to go. 

Follow the 9-step Design2Train Method and enjoy success even on your 1st project (and every project). And another unique feature of the program is that you can use  ANY existing courseware development tool and learning management system (LMS) to achieve SUCCESS. Your have the freedom to choose and use the RIGHT tools. We work with all tools and LMS platforms and can recommend if needed which ones will fit your specific needs. But the best part is that you can re-use the process and templates on all future company projects

One of the important concepts baked into the Design2Train Method is that ANY courseware development tool and learning management system (LMS) can be used to achieve SUCCESS. Your project is not confined to a specific tool, so you have the freedom to choose and use the RIGHT tools for lesson development and delivery. We work with all tools and LMS platforms. We also can recommend which ones will fit your specific needs. 

Put the power of the Design2Train Method to work for your projects.  This is our own proven process that we use to deliver100’s of hours of custom eLearning for 21+ years. Don’t waste anymore time training to figure out how to manage your eLearning project, gain the confidence, knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

What is included in the D2TM Quick Start program?
First, peace of mind that you can complete this project successfully. 

This COMPLETE Training / Coaching Program starts with:
• LIVE D2TM Quick Start Coaching Session – Day-1 (AM & PM 2 Hr sessions)
  (Offered as Cohort Coaching or to a Private Company Team)

Exclusive One-Stop Client Portal 
Portal Contains: Access to ALL training, coaching, events, documents
• LIVE D2TM Phase 2 & Phase 3 Training / Coaching Sessions 

• LIVE Weekly Q&A Calls 

Ready-To-Fill (Modified to your Project)
Detailed Phase Checklists: 50+ Tasks  & 150+ Activities
Ready-to-Fill Templates: All key documents & project  communications

PLUS Valuable Bonuses ($1700  Value)
•  D2T Team Project Scope Discovery Call: 1 hour ($500 value)
•  D2T Team Modify 3-Phase Checklists ($600 value)
•  D2T Team Critique T&M or SOW Documents ($600 value)

Get Recognition for your Achievement
•  CPE Professional Development Credit – 10 hours (TX Education Agency) 
•  D2TM Project Certificate 

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