eLearning Process

What’s an eLearning Process? 
A systematic approach to consistently creating training to meet learner needs and deliver effective high-quality training, bringing value to each project that’s launched On-Time and On-Budget.

We’ve worked with many busy professionals in Fortune 500 companies and Federal agencies clients since 2001, to successfully deliver 100’s of hours of complex business-critical training. Our process is both proven and training industry award-winning.

We now offer our process, PLAN239© as an eLearning Project Management Coaching Program. Our busy clients quickly ramp-up on Day-1, learning how they can save 50% of production time, deliver training in 90 days or less, while maintaining their Real Job work / life balance.  

The process is flexible and works on all types of eLearning programs like: onboarding, product launches, leadership development, and professional certification.  PLAN239 was designed for large projects, but can adapted for smaller projects.


What is the PLAN239 Process?
Here's the 3-phases and 9-steps to getting your project done On-Time:

Phase 1: Design Risk Management 
Step 1: People & Technology Management: Mitigate & manage resources
• Step 2: Knowledge Management: Select the right training information
• Step 3: Key Documents Management: Create key documents with templates

Phase 2: Content Development Management
Step 4: Rapid Content Development: Save 50% production time 
Step 5: Review / Approval Management: Stop the "never-ending review cycle" 
Step 6: AV & Communications Management: Create effective AV & messaging

Phase 3: Launch and Sustainment Management
• Step 7: QA Pre-Launch Management:
Course quality check, load to LMS 
• Step 8: Launch Day!:
Celebrate with Project Team
• Step 9: Feedback & Sustainment:
Gather feedback for sustainment