Are You a USA-based Experienced Instructional Designer with eLearning Project Experience Seeking Consulting Work? If so, I want to meet you.

Hello, I am Valerie Miller, CEO of Design2Train.  I am hosting a LIVE information meeting on Monday, June 20 at 9am (Central). You will be introduced to a totally new training program to educate non-training professional clients (engineers, sales/marketing, safety, product managers) tasked with delivering a business critical complex eLearning Project.

This program is based upon my personal 28+ years of delivering hundreds of hours of successful high profile and business critical eLearning programs in all types of Fortune 500 industries. 

The step-by-step process teaches clients to gain knowledge, confidence and skills to manage their project from concept to on-time and on-budget launch. By following our program step-by-step,  they can also save up to 50% in time and resource allocation.

But the most exciting part is… Phase 1 of the program is taught LIVE (online) in ONE DAY with participants actually starting work on their own project in the afternoon session.

I am seeking to build a team of qualified eLearning specialists to facilitate the online ONE DAY workshop and serve as IDM (Instructional Design Managers) to tag-team with the client project managers through the project design, development, and delivery phase.  Are you interested? 

Please fill in the form and we will send you an invitation to the upcoming workshop.  Thanks for your interest! Look forward to meeting you!

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