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Introduction to GoBrunch

What is GoBrunch?
My personal go-to online meeting space. 
No, I don’t like the sterile box meeting environments, BORING.

is reliable, customizable, and just a fun place to be. It’s great for holding all types of meetings including:
1:1, small group, training sessions, and large events.

Watch the Video or jump to specific topics of interest (Scene number)

Visit my personal virtual office
Scene 0:42   — My personal virtual office
Scene 0:56   — Behind the scenes in my office

Build your own room (meeting space) 
Scene 8:17   – Create a new room 
Scene 8:47   – Name your room
Scene 11:46 – Choose room layout
Scene 12:58 – Configure room

Visit my other room examples
Scene 17:22 – My other rooms (conference center, art gallery)

Want to tryout GoBrunch?  You can for FREE!  Or upgrade to a monthly subscription starting at $23.99/mon (yearly subscription)
Here’s a special coupon code to save 10% on your purchase. > BRUNCHERS23

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NOTE: It’s allergy season in Texas, so if you hear me sniffle, well I’m just human 🙂