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Improving Professional Development

Looking to change how you deliver professional development, but don’t know where to start?

Design2Train has created a new way to design, develop and deliver better online training. Yes, it really works!

Build-A Webinar Training Program
This comprehensive training program guides instructors using PowerPoint to create and deliver effective focused training sessions delivered via the Demio webinar platform.

In this program you will learn to:

Chunk content into

  •  Using tools that you already have (Word and PowerPoint) with your best instructors, we can help you prepare and host effective LIVE training webinars. Learners login from their computers, tablets or smartphones to watch the training live and participate by asking questions via a private chat box.

The system is easy to setup and within just a couple minutes you can schedule a webinar (or a series), designate the live trainers, and send out invitations to your student list.  Learners receive email notices and a link to login to view the training and ask questions real-time via the chat box.

Unlike other systems, Demio automatically records / stores  the training session. By adding a LMS (learning management system), you can track who has viewed or passed quizzes. You can also pinpoint areas of

What is an Instructional Designer?




Over the years, when people hear I am involved in corporate training, they automatically think of me as a standup trainer delivering instruction to a client audience, but that’s not my training job.  Here is how I explain what I do.

I ask, “Do you know the difference between a CPA and a bookkeeper?” A bookkeeper performs a specific set of daily tasks prepared by the CPA who thinks more strategically to create an entire accounting systems.

Just like the CPA, the instructional designer defines and creates training products at a strategic level using a systematic approach to learning. The training is created to be delivered in the classroom by a trainer (or facilitator) or online as eLearning (web-based training).

And the next question is often, “what is an instructional design system”?

Instructional design is NOT a secret formula. It is common sense applied to design, development and delivery of instruction. But all too often when an organization needs to train a bunch of people quickly they panic and instructional methodology along with good basic common sense goes out the window.

The company may be more concerned about using a new technology delivery platform or getting something done within a ridiculous timeframe and don’t want to take time or listen to sound educational reasoning.

It is incumbent upon the instructional designer to get the team to stop…. relax, and think about the fundamentals of why you are developing instruction in the first place…to teach someone how to do something new. It is that simple. Here are some time proven tips:

Don’t make it more complex than it has to be. Keep it simple!
Don’t use a lot of technical jargon, keep the dialog open to all involved.
Help others to find the beauty of simplicity of just doing what you say you are going to do, not over-promise nor agree to unreasonable expectations.
Look for the easiest, fastest, simplest solution.
I have actually been in a situation where the training steering committee was were battling over which vendor to choose to develop a CBT system (costing $5 – 10K) when we “discovered” that a well-planned printed checklist distributed by email might be more useful. Common sense prevailed before the corporate dollars were committed… you can affect the bottom line at work! Looking for new ways to deliver instruction? Consult with a Design2Train instructional designer and make it happen.

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