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Improving Professional Development

Looking to change how you deliver professional development, but don’t know where to start? Design2Train has created a new way to design, develop and deliver better online training. Yes, it really works! Build-A Webinar Training Program This comprehensive training program guides instructors using PowerPoint to create and deliver effective focused training sessions delivered via the Demio webinar platform. In this program you will learn to: Chunk content into  Using tools that you already have (Word and PowerPoint) with your best instructors, we can help you prepare and host effective LIVE training webinars. Learners login from their computers, tablets or smartphones to watch the training live and...

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Create Your Intro Video

Want to make your own intro video? It’s easy! Click the video and view our video intro. We have used this service for six years and love it. The video was created in less than 3 minutes, using this affordable service. Cut/paste your graphic and add wording. Click “Customize Item” and in seconds, your animated video is ready to download. > Learn How Here and Save $10* *Disclosure: Some links in this post may contain affiliate links.  This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, Design2Train will receive a small affiliate commission that does not affect your...

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