Design2Train is an industry award-winning instructional design company. We are a “generalist company” working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from all types of companies in both the public and private sectors.  We have developed hundreds of hours of eLearning courses including:

  • Safety: PPE, Chemical Spills, Fall Prevention, Laboratory Testing, Platform Drilling, Spray Foam Insulation Application
  • Computer Programs: Automated Drilling Systems, Insurance, Mortgage, Decision-Making
  • Medical: Cancer Treatment, Laboratory Procedures, Medical Sales
  • Energy: Rig Asset Management, Preventative Maintenance, Drilling Equipment Orientation
  • Environmental: SWPPP, Airport Stormwater, Chemical Disposal
  • Customer Service: Phone Etiquette, Email Etiquette, Problem Solving
  • Sales / Marketing: Sales Process, Rapport with Clients, Features & Benefits, Solution Selling
  • Financial: Property Asset Management, P-Card Training, Home Mortgage
  • Insurance: Property & Casualty, Disability, Educating Consumers
  • Technical: Installation, Operations of computer programs (proprietary or web-based)

We also actively seek prime and subcontracting opportunities to provide instructional design, digital media, eLearning development, webinars and virtual conference services.

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USDA Federal Contractor

Fruit & Vegetable Field Inspectors Certification | USDA, Virginia

Design2Train totally revamped a 40-hour classroom professional development course for USDA Fresh Products Division inspectors. Training deliverables included:  Standardized PowerPoint template, Facilitator and Student Guides.    We went onsite to Virginia to videotape all instruction and transcribe the lessons. Lessons included: Ethics, Rules & Regulations, Inspection Procedures and Required Paperwork. We worked remotely to coordinate and complete all work with six USDA SMEs.

Design2Train was the prime contractor and finished this project on-time and on-budget, exceeding customer expectations. 

USAA Sub-Contractor

New Customer Service Pipeline Course | USAA, San Antonio
Property & Casualty Insurance, Financial Services, Banking

Design2Train was hired as a one-month contractor and ending up being asked to stay-on for an entire year.

We created courses for customer service reps to better serve USAA clients with confidence, knowledge and skills in handling all types of: property & casualty insurance, banking and financial services as well as improving active listening skills.

Homecomings Financial

Mortgage Servicing | Homecomings Financial, Dallas
Developed six Customer Service eLearning courses on proprietary software

Homecomings Financial did not have a sufficient number of trainers or training rooms available.

Design2Train worked with the local training manager to create a highly successful set of six hybrid online training courses for customer service agents to learn the new systems online and then practice with their supervisors to demonstrate competency. We delivered all training services on-time and on budget.



Baker Hughes Prime Contractor

Ocean Drilling Ship Systems | Baker Hughes, Houston
Baker Hughes was building The Blue Orca, a new fracing vessel in Homma, LA.

Design2Train was hired to create a complete training system that would be loaded on the new Blue Orca onboard server. We spent nearly a year video cataloging processes, equipment and systems on a sister ship, the Blue Dolphin.

This highly technical project was to develop shipboard training for all computerized systems and major drilling systems and components on the Blue Orca .

Training lessons included virtual walk-arounds of all major systems, parts inventory and preventative maintenance of the following systems:

  • Job-Flow-Process > View Process Infographic
  • Blenders, Vertical Mixing Tanks
  • Control Room Computer Programs (4)
  • Ship and Equipment Safety Systems
  • Sand | Proppant Tanks
  • Chemical Tanks, Liquid Additive Systems, Fluids Lab
  • Gorilla High Pressure Pumps
  • Nuclear Densiometer
  • Power Systems, Electronic Tech Systems
  • Seawater Storage, Chemical Totes
  • CoFlex Cabin and Reels

The training was delivered on-time and on-budget.  The project took over a year to complete.