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Subcontractor to Mead & Hunt (Environmental Engineering)
Overview: Provided instructional design, WordPress website development, and eLearning production to create: ACRP Airport Stormwater Management Library & Training Materials 

Client: Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) is an industry-driven, applied research program that develops near-term, practical solutions to problems faced by airport operators. ACRP is managed by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and is sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The ACRP is based in Washington, D.C.

Challenge: Create and deliver the first ACRP web-based training / website program delivered via a website. Design2Train created an interim WordPress website to house all of the library and training materials for field testin.  After the official ACRP website was launched, Design2Train worked with the website provider to port all existing materials to the new site and build new pages based upon website templates.

Training Deliverables: Based upon content developed by Mead & Hunt Engineer SMEs
Website Content: FAA Regulations & Permits, Pollutants & Sources, Planning & Design, Compliance

Training Deliverables: Design, Develop, Deliver Powerpoints, Facilitator & Student Guides, eLearning Courses
Course 1: Introduction to Airport Stormwater
Course 2: Airport Stormwater Best Management Practices
Course 3: Airport Stormwater Plans, Inspections, & Reporting 
Course 4: Managing Deicing Runoff
Course 5: Stormwater Sampling & Monitoring

Design2Train created a WordPress Demo Website for Field Testing. > View ACRP Training 

Prime Contractor to Baker Hughes
Overview: Provided instructional design, WordPress website development, and eLearning services to create a shipboard resource library / training website for a new stimulation vessel, The Blue Orca. We worked 1.5 years (2013 – 2014) on data collection, video production, interviews, and training development. We met on-time delivery on ship launch.

Challenge: Create and deliver shipboard training on a new ship while it was being built.  Learned systems on the Blue Dolphin to carryover knowledge to the new systems on the Blue Orca. Created a website to run on the ship’s server including:
• Control Panel Software (4 programs)
• Storage, Mixing and Blending of Proppant and Chemicals
• Electrical Generators
• Blenders & Mixing Tanks
• Fluids Laboratory Testing
• Preventative Maintenance
• Shipboard Safety Systems

Training Deliverables: Based upon interviews of Blue Dolphin staff members and vendors, we created training on:
• Blenders, Coflexip Cabin, Communication, Generators, Manifold, Nuclear Densiometer, Real-time Data Charts
• Software setup of hardware, customer interface, satellite & communication, video systems
• Safe Operating Procedures: Permit to work, Lockout/Tagout, Eyewash, De-energize equipment, PPE
• Troubleshooting: Testing and Reference system
• Maintenance: Standards

We created an infographic for Blue Dolphin staff to share with non-technical visitors.
> View the Systems Infographic (with client permission)

Subcontractor to Mead & Hunt (Environmental Engineering)
Overview: Provided instructional design, WordPress website development, and eLearning services to update a large Michigan-based Airport Authority staff and tenant environmental training overview course. 

Challenge: Update the web-based environmental training courses we previously created to be delivered via the Corporate Cornerstone LMS and external training delivered to tenants via website LMS, created by Design2Train. 

Training Deliverables: Based upon interviews of both Mead& Hunt SMEs and WCAA staff, the eLearning included:
• The Authority’s Environmental and Sustainability Mission
• The Authority’s Stormwater Management program
• Good Housekeeping practices needed to keep pollutants out of stormwater
• Spill Prevention and Clean-up procedures
• The Authority’s Sustainability Program

“Karen Miller and her Design2Train Team developed a web-based Environmental Training Program for my employer, a large Midwestern airport. Karen was extremely effective in helping us clarify what we could to do within the many constraints placed in front of her. These constraints included a shift in the project focus after we had started; internal and external firewall issues associated with managing the training program, and packaging the finished product in a format that was easily transferable to our systems. She is patient, astute, and thorough. The programs she developed are currently in use and have been well received. I recommend Karen and Design2Train.”
– Bryan Wagoner, PE – Director

Prime Federal Contractor to USDA (VA)
Overview: Won a national competitive bid to provide instructional design and eLearning services in 2011 to update a 40-hour classroom course for national training certification of USDA fruit and vegetable field inspectors. 

Challenge: Existing course was offered ad-hoc without a standardized training template or content.  Karen Miller attended the course live in Virginia and recorded all speakers. She met with USDA SMEs and updated the existing PowerPoint presentations into a standardized look for: PowerPoints, Final Quiz, Facilitator and Student Guides and a Student Feedback. The program was well received by the USDA team.

Training Deliverables: Based upon interviews of the SMEs, 23 training topics lessons included:
• FPB Audit Program includes ISO 9001 and 19011 guidelines
• USDA Policies and Procedures for GAP and GHP audits, required documentation
• Introduction to Ethics
• Inspector vs Auditor POV

Deliverable Demos (with client permission)

> View a Facilitator Guide

> View a Student Guide

Prime Contractor to Bayer Material Sciences
Overview: Won a competitive 2009 bid to convert an existing marketing slide deck into a multi-topic web-based training for Sprayfoam Insulation Applicators. 

Challenge: The course was to be delivered online via the international Bayer servers in Germany.  Because this was not a “certification” course there was no need for quizzing or tracking scores. Only basic student data was collected for tracking purposes. Design2Train videotaped and produced video segments incorporated into the PowerPoint slide decks, that were converted to video.

Training Deliverable Topics:
• Federal regulations for chemicals, MSDS safety
• Videos of chemical interactions and installation
• HSE, PPE Requirements


Prime Contractor to TransOcean
Overview: Originally referred to Global SantaFe (acquired by TransOcean) to convert an existing week-long course on proprietary rig asset management software and preventative maintenance scheduling into a web-based training.

Challenge: The course was to be delivered via intranet servers to all global rigs.  The client project sponsor was new to eLearning and the development cycle.  All training was created and delivered on-time for global deployment. 

Training Deliverable Topics:
• Rig Asset Management Software
• Automated Preventative Maintenance Scheduling 


Prime Contractor to Texas Tech Uni. & Stephen F. Austin State Uni.
Overview: Won separate state bids to convert existing classroom training into web-based training for refresher courses. We updated the Stephen F. Austin courses two more times.

Challenge: Existing courses did not have narration to the slides, so Design2Train interviewed the SMEs and created the narration to go along with the PowerPoint slide decks.  Narrations were recorded, PowerPoints were converted to videos and quizzes were developed to run on SCORM compliant LMS systems. 

Training Deliverable Topics:
• Texas Tech: 15 Passenger Van Safety
• Stephen F. Austin State: P-Card and Property Management 


Design2Train is an instructional design and digital media company creating:
• eLearning custom programs
• PowerPoint presentations
• Audio narrations
• Video production (converted PowerPoints, green screen, animations)
• Technical writing
• WordPress training websites with LMS integration

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