Welcome to the Design2Train Method (D2T Method) Program!  

Are you new to eLearning Project Management?  
Need some help getting your project off to the right start?
You are at the right place!  

According to the current project management studies, they determined over 80% of eLearning projects fail?  Why?
Because there is so much happening at once…. including selecting the right people, unplanned technological challenges and unrealistic expectations with poor (or a lack of ) scheduling. 

But what if there was an easy, step-by-step process that dealt with risk mitigation of people, technology, knowledge scope, and key document preparation.  And once you learn the process, you can re-use it over and over again for future projects?  

Hello, I am Valerie Miller, CEO of Design2Train – an instructional design and eLearning project management company.

The D2T Method  of eLearning Project Management is based upon my personal and company’s 30+ years of professional eLearning experience, where we have successfully produced hundreds of hours of custom and award winning eLearning programs.   This is THE PROVEN formula you can use to complete your eLearning projects on-time and on-budget. 

This program was designed for two specific audiences:

  • Are you a NON-training professional (corporate or business owner) who has to deliver online training with a new product?  Is this your first eLearning project?
  • Are you an instructional designer (corporate or launching your own ID business) who needs to put a proven process to organize the people, processes, and content production of a large training program? 

If you said Yes to either of these  questions, this program was designed for YOU. The D2T Method  can guide you step-by-step through concept to launch.