WCAA Environmental Training training proposed project updates:

1. Update / Refresh Course Content: The three training training programs (staff, tenant, and construction) content needs to be refreshed and new information updates.  A new recommended program look with more learner interaction will have these features: 

Responsive – Plays on all platforms (smartphones, tablets, Apple / Window computers
ALSO… There is also a free mobile app (Apple / Window) that allows learners to access content anytime, anywhere, even with no Internet connection.  This would be great for easy access to checklists, policies, or procedures accessed easily in the field.  

The Staff version will be SCORM compliant prepared to run on the WCAA training LMS. As previously, the final quiz questions will be provided to the WCAA training department for them to load into the system, since Design2Train does not have access.
The Tenant & Construction versions will be prepared to run on the existing WCAA website http://www.wcaastormwatertraining.com  


We can create ungraded knowledge checks or final quiz questions as:
– multiple choice or response
– true / false
– put in sequence
– matching term to description
– fill in the blank
– hotspot: click the area
– drag and drop

Interactive Conversations
to teach new concepts instead of page turning 

2. Update Tenant & Contractor WordPress and LMS Licenses
The WCAA Storm Water Training website used to deliver the “external” learners (tenants and construction) in addition to the new training content it needs updates and license renewals: 
– WordPress Theme – $89
– Profile Builder Pro WordPress (WP) plugin – $89
– WP Courseware LMS plugin – $129
3. Conduct Tenant / Construction Survey and Education Activities
To educate both audiences, Design2Train proposes to prepare a survey for WCAA to sent out via email to all tenants and key construction contractors.  We suggest creating a quick 1-minute video like this to send out with the survey to encourage participation.  
Based on the response, Design2Train working with WCAA approval, contact a list of tenants and contractors to educate them on the program and login assistance to encourage more participation in the Environmental Education training program.