Design2Train Method (D2TM) Coaching Calendar

LIVE Training Events
NOTE: All Training Event Links are located in the D2TM Client Portal

Day-1:  D2TM Quick Start – Day-1 Training
Morning & Afternoon Sessions (4 hours total)
This is a mandatory LIVE (webinar) training with a 2-hour AM session and a 2-hour PM session. 

P2: D2TM Phase 2 Content Development Management LIVE Training (2 hours)*
D2TM Phase 3 Launch & Sustain Management LIVE Training (2 hours)*
Note: P2 and P3 Training sessions can be viewed as a LIVE session or in the D2TM Client Portal as Self-Paced training.

Weekly Q&A Calls: Submit questions (24 hours in advance) through the D2TM Client Portal for review in the next Weekly Q&A session.
Based upon time availability, live questions are taken and responded to as well.  All Weekly Q&A Calls are recorded and available for review in the D2TM Client Portal