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(1/2 1/2) Managing eLearning Projects Just Got Easy
“Get All the Training and Support You Need to Successfully Manage and Deliver eLearning On-Time and Budget With Confidence”

(This Program was Created Especially for YOU when tasked to deliver eLearning but you don’t have a training development background)

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Your Keys to Success
No matter what your current skill or confidence level is at managing an eLearning Project, by the end of this quick start course, we are ready to hand over the keys for your successful launch.

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Hi, I am Valerie Miller, author of the eMA Bootcamp Program. This course was created based upon my personal 25+ years of instructional design agency leadership experience successfully delivering all types of eLearning projects.

With Quick Start, we are able to share those same powerful strategies with you to build and guide your team to success. You are not alone, our team is here to support you along the journey.

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Quit Guessing. Here’s the 9-Step Plan to Follow
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The Quick Start nine-step plan offers a clear path from Point A: the Design Phase through the Development Phases and ending at the Deployment Phase and Launch at Point B.

This is a great way to quickly communicate key project phases to your Team and Senior Management.

Having the entire process in a nine-step grahic means you keep everyone’s attention… and they cannot complain about it’s TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read). It’s a quick read visual, they’ll get it.

“Step One: Follow the Detailed Game-Changing Checklists
Step Two: Continue Step One Until Completed”

Expanding upon the nine-step plan is “the working core” of the eMA Bootcamp system. You’ll get access to our proprietary set of checklists identifying 50+ Tasks and 150+ Activities. Stick to the checklists and you will save up to 50% of staff time-on-task (your SMEs will love you) AND 50% off production costs (your boss will love you) with a shared knowledge and confidence to manage the entire process.

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Checklists – laidout across entire screen

(Graphic) Accept No More Content

We even share a BIG SECRET in how to keep your project on track, provide the right amount of instruction and deliver on-time. We tell you EXACTLY when to say “STOP, no more content will be added in this course”. This keeps your project from developing never-ending “scope creep” by using specific guidelines to consistently deliver high quality training ontime. Remember…. Knowledge is Power.

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Is The eMA Bootcamp Right for Me?
Yes or No, It’s That Simple.
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If…you want to learn how to be a course developer? NO.
Bootcamp prepares you to manage eLearning projects. We offer a separate special mentoring group for course developers.

If…you are tasked with an eLearning project, but don’t have a training development background?
YES, Quick Start Bootcamp is a great career investment.

If…you need to use Existing and Standard Company Tools?
YES, Use any development tool and learning management system. Our proven PROCESS works with all.

If…you want an Easy-to-Implement Re-Usable System?
YES, Get started today. Confidently complete your project and all future projects, it’s as easy as “rinse and repeat”.

If… you are nervous or have a fear of failure?
Relax… you are at the Right Place, please keep reading.

eMA Bootcamp Quick Start was created especially for non-training professionals including: Business Owners, Teachers,State / Federal Agency Staff and Corporate Leaders like: HR Professionals, Safety Managers, PMPs, Engineers, Product Managers, and Sales / Marketing Professionals.

Bye-Bye SWAG Bids For Good!

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As per the eMA Bootcamp system, you learn to work tag-team with an experienced eLearning Instructional Designer in the Design Phase, to complete the ready-to-use Timeline & Milestones template defining the project scope. Together you will fill-in the Statement of Work (SOW) template to prepare a well-crafted proposal document for instructional design agencies to bid on Development and Deployment phases.

Save time by cutting out SWAG Bids (Silly Wild A$$ Guesses) from development companies that run up the cost of your eLearning project. Using a well written SOW, it’s easier to compare bids (apples to apples) and choose the best fit for the project, since the companies are bidding on the same hours and end products.

Knowing exactly what you want up-front, instantly takes the SWAG (inflated costs) out of bidding. FOREVER.


Your Positive ROI (Return on Investment)
We estimate on the first eLearning project you can easily recapture a ROI of $5K-25K* following the streamlined process and detailed checklists. (*This estimate is based upon an initial eight hour eLearning program.)

But Here’s The Really Cool Thing…..
Once you and your team have conquered the first project, you already have the process down pat to repeat success over and over again on all new future eLearning projects. We call this “Rinse and Repeat”. So you will enjoy an even HIGHER ROI the more you use the system.

And Guess What?….
Let’s say you only delivering a eLearning project once a quarter. Don’t worry about forgetting a step, you have all of the documentation, ready-to-go, just open the files and get back to business in minutes.


What Do I Get?

First, eMA Bootcamp Quick Start is offered as LIVE Webinar or Self-Paced. Either way you choose to attend you will get the same Professional infomration in a easy-to-follow condensed format, to get moving on your eLearning project as early as that day.

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Self-Paced Training (24×7) OR
LIVE Remote Quick Start Desktop Webinar

(little graphics each)
– Guided Instruction (4+ Hours)
– MSOffice Templates (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Tools you know and use already
– Game-Changing Detailed Checklists
Identify and track 50+ Tasks and 150+ Activities
No More Guessing.
– Four Key Design Phase Document Templates
Timeline & Milestones, Statement of Work, Project Plan and Course Outline
– Weekly Q/A Coaching Calls
– Discovery Kickoff Coaching Call
– Personal Project Coaching Calls
– Resource Library
– 6Hrs CPE Credit (TEA)
– eMA Bootcamp Newsletter

How Long Before I Can Get Started?
You Asked, We Responded with Quick Start!

The Best News Yet…
Quick Start = Two 90-minute sessions!
Everything you need to get started with the Design Phase in two 90-minute sessions. Quick Start is offered as self-paced or LIVE Desktop Training sessions.

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You Can Totally Do This! (I am talking to you.)

eMA Bootcamp is a unique program for teaching you how to Manage an eLearning project step-by-step from concept to launch. If you are serious about delivering a project on-time, on-budget, and keeping Your Weekends Work-Free. (Sound interesting?)

Ready to Start?
Tired of wasting time just staring at the blank screen and trying to figure out how to manage an eLearning program on your own. Get started now. Create your business critical eLearning program with knowledge, confidence and skills you need to succeed, from Day One.

Questions? Email Us: help@emabootcamp.com

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People are integral to any project. Knowing how to identify and select your Team members is a critical skill. Learn How Here.

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