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 Need to Deliver an eLearning Project? 
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What’s Your eLearning Project Confidence Level?

Industry Research Reveals 80%+ Projects FAIL.
WHY? Project Leaders are NOT prepared.
Don’t become a statistic! 

What’s your Training Goal?

Moving Existing Training to Online?

Need to convert existing instructor-led training (ILT) into eLearning, but you don’t have the time or experience?
No problem, we offer our Done-For-You (DFY) Services. We’
ll convert your program into interactive eLearning
and you’ll get the kudos.  Ready for a conversation?

Need a Training Program NOW?

Did a situation at work arise that requires an immediate training intervention? Don’t have the bandwidth to get it done?  Contact us, we have eLearning Tiger Teams of experienced project leaders and production staff ready to get your important training delivered ASAP.   

Managing Your 1st BIG eLearning Project? 

Are you clueless, cautious or ready about the project? Confidently ramp-up management skills on Day-1 with an eLearning Content expert. But that’s just the beginning of this unique no-fail coaching and resource-rich program.
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Instructional Design Production Services

Our teams produce all types of interactive elements
to meet your training need and budget.

Need Multi-Lingual Training? No Problem.
¿Necesita una versión en español? Ningún problema.

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