Design2Train Method (D2TM) Quick Start for
eLearning Project Management Transformation 

Need Help Launching an eLearning Program? 

Research reveals 80% of eLearning projects FAIL. 
Don’t be a statistic!

D2TM Quick Start
eLearning Leadership Transformation 

Why choose D2TM Quick Start
Quickly transform your current leadership talents to confidently deliver a business critical eLearning program On-Time, even if it’s your first project. This exact process has consistently delivered 100’s of hours of eLearning On-Time, saving 50% production time. 
Our teams have produced all types of technical training, on-boarding, sales, soft skills, and certification for national and global audiences.

Who’s the program created for?
D2TM Quick Start
was designed for non-training professionals: business owners, start-up CEOs, engineers, sales, customer service, safety, or product managers. Learn to confidently manage your project while maintaining your real job life/work balance. 

How is D2TM Quick Start different? 
D2TM Quick Start is a leadership transformation program for managing On-Time program launch in 90 days or less. 

• D2TM Quick Start is not sponsored by a courseware development tool or LMS. We are process focused and work with all tools.  

• D2TM Quick Start is customized to meet your project needs. Choose the right level of support from DWY (Done-With-You) or DFY (Done-For-You) implementation options. Bring a company eLearning co-worker to attend and implement the DWY option or contact us for the DFY implementation details. 

Start immediately at D2TM Quick Start Day-1 LIVE webinar
AM Session: Learn the 9-Step process from concept to launch
PM Session:
Start managing immediately on your project

Questions? >Book a Discovery Call 

No-Fail  DFY Content Leadership

No eLearning company resources? No Problem!
Start the journey with a detailed project interview. Then partner with Design2Train to manage all content development.

Get introduced to a D2TM eLearning expert to serve as your Project Content Leader (PCL). Attend the LIVE D2TM Quick Start webinar  and start managing your project on Day-1 with confidence. Fulfill your assigned Project Leader roles and stay in your swim lane. Let the PCL handle the project content so you can continue to get your “real job” done and maintain your work/life balance. PCLs work remotely.

Quit wasting time trying to DIY. 
We do the heavy lifting, you take the credit.  Book a Discovery Call and let’s talk about the DFY option.. 

Questions?   > Book a Discovery Call 

Design2Train is an award-winning eLearning instructional design agency, founded in 2001.
Our teams have delivered 100's of hours of custom eLearning On-Time and On-Budget.
We offer our proven 9-Step D2TMethod program is offered as a coaching program. 
Design2Train is a federally certified woman-owned business since 2005.

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