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ACRP AVIATION | SubContractor
Mead & Hunt: 2015 – 2018

Client: Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) is an industry-driven, applied research program that develops near-term, practical solutions to problems faced by airport operators. ACRP is managed by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Challenge: Design2Train was tasked with creating and delivering the first ACRP web-based training program.

Deliverables: Our team worked remotely with a team of airport environmental engineer experts from Mead&Hunt to design the user interface for the online resource library and the training program. Design2Train working with the SMEs, developed the training materials for classroom and website delivery. We deployed a complete WordPress demo site for nationwide field testing prior to the client site being available.

After making final field testing updates, Design2Train uploaded the final training components to the new client WordPress website for nationwide deployment.  This website is used by airport staff nationwide. 

View the website > Airport Stormwater Management Library & Training Materials

Project Testimonial

Design2Train has provided invaluable support to several of my commercial airport and Transportation Research Board aviation projects, with services that included design, development, and deployment of a variety of web-based training courses and related materials.  What has impressed me most about working with Valerie is her ability to apply her expertise in training and eLearning principles and tools to a wide range of technical topics for which she has no previous experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Design2Train to others with similar training needs.

Dean Mericas, Ph.D.
Senior Aviation Consultant
Mead & Hunt, Inc. – Austin, TX

OFFSHORE ENERGY | Prime Contractor
Baker Hughes: 2013 – 2014

Challenge: Tasked with designing shipboard training  for the Blue Orca while it was being built. Learned all drilling systems on sister ship, Blue Dolphin by interviewing staff for knowledge acquisition. Designed a unique web interface to run on the ship’s server, since internet access was not reliable.

Deliverables: Designed a resource library to house hundreds of text and video training elements.  Designed the interface and created shipboard training for a complete ship system including:
• Control Panel Software (4 proprietary programs)
• Storage, Blending of Proppant and Chemicals
• Electrical Generators, Blenders & Mixing Tanks
• Fluids Lab Testing, Preventative Maintenance
• Shipboard Safety Systems

Delivered on-time: for Blue Orca launch.

WCAA | Mead & Hunt: 2016 & 2017

Challenge: Designed and developed the PowerPoint interface and web-based Wayne County Airport Authority staff and tenant environmental training in 2015, updated in 2017 and 2019. The eLearning courses were created for delivery on both a Cornerstone LMS and external WordPress (WP) website crated by Design2Train.

Deliverables: PowerPoints, Course Guides, eLearning, Website LMS

Topics: eLearning staff and tenant courses included:
• Environmental and Sustainability Mission
• Storm water Management & Sustainability
• Good Housekeeping practices
• Spill Prevention & Clean-up

FOOD SAFETY | Prime Contractor
USDA (VA Headquarters): 2011

Overview: Won a national competitive bid to provide instructional design and eLearning services to update a 40-hour classroom course delivered for national training certification of USDA fruit and vegetable field inspectors.

Challenge: Reviewed existing course and designed a new standardized PowerPoint look.  Valerie Miller traveled to attend the live week-long workshop in Virginia and recorded all speakers. Valerie worked with USDA SMEs to design the interface, update training materials and provide a more engaging learning experience.

Deliverables: PowerPoint, Facilitator and Course Guides for 23 Topics including:
• FPB Audit Program ISO 9001 /19011
• Policies / Procedures for GAP / GHP audits
• Inspector vs Auditor POV

Bayer Material Sciences: 2009

Overview: Won a competitive 2009 bid to convert an existing marketing slide deck into a multi-topic web-based training for Sprayfoam Insulation Applicators.

Challenge: Designed and delivered a new eLearning program via international Bayer servers in Germany.  Design2Train designed a web-based course user interfacewent, designed the standardized PowerPoint template and worked with Bayer SMEs to collect content. Design2Train videotaped insulation installation, and laboratory experiments. All information was incorporated into a new web-based  training program

Training Deliverable Topics:
• Federal regulations for chemicals, MSDS safety
• Chemical interactions and installation
• HSE, PPE Requirements

TAP PROGRAM – WEBSITES | Prime Contractor
TXDOT: 2003 – 2015

Overview: Selected in competitive bidding process to deliver Technical Assistance Training (website development, marketing materials, computer training) to small business owners in highway construction codes. Won competitive re-bids on this contract until the program was closed down in 2015.  Earned over $250K from this program. 

Challenge: Design and create websites for business owners across the state, who were not computer literate. Created WordPress websites with eCommerce and video components. Designed and created branded marketing materials including: brochures, postcards, flyers, capability statement, business cards

TransOcean (Global SantaFe): 2005-2007

Overview: Convert an existing week-long classroom training on proprietary rig asset management software and preventative maintenance scheduling into web-based training.

Challenge: Course to be delivered via intranet servers to all global rigs.  The client project sponsor was new to eLearning and the development cycle.  All training was created and delivered on-time for global deployment.

Training Deliverable Topics:
• Rig Asset Management Software
• Automated Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Texas Tech University: 2006

Overview: Won a competitive bid to convert an existing classroom training review course into eLearning.

Challenge: Designed the user interface and all training modules, working remotely with SMEs to update content.  We gave a checklist to the local SMEs to provide specific photos. Design2Train updated the training and we compiled all SCORM-compliant lessons to run on the University Blackboard LMS.

Training Deliverable Topics:
• 15 Passenger Van Safety Statistics
• Good Practices for Drivers


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