Are you a corporate non-training professional tasked delivering a “business critical” eLearning project?
Congrats! You are at the right place. 

Introducing….The Design2Train Method (D2T Method), a proven fully guided step-by-step system to prepare you for managing your (first or best) eLearning project from concept to launch.  By following the system, you will learn how to save up to 50% in resources, time and dollars while delivering a high quality training on-time and on-budget.  

Did You Know?
Training industry researchers say up to 80% of large $100K+ eLearning projects fail? Can your career afford a project-failure?  

What’s The Solution? 
Get control of your time using the right system. Keep up with your REAL JOB, quit worry waking at 3am or wasting time sacrificing your precious evenings and weekends. We teach proven “best in practice” eLearning project management skills and keep you in “your leadership swim lane” to achieve maximum success. Since you will be leading a corporate team, we invite you to include up to 8 team members to attend the Quick Start, so everyone knows “the process”. 

What is Included in the D2T Method System?
Access to the exclusive D2TM Client Portal – Complete Program Access (24×7) for 6 months)

> LIVE Quick Start (1 Day) Group Training
(via webinar or corporate on-site)
   Phase 1: Design Risk Mitigation -for with Design Phase document packet including:       
   – P1: Design Risk Management Checklist (detailed step-by-step with roles / responsibilities)
   – SME and Contributor Interview Questions
   – Prep for Stakeholder Kickoff Meeting Agenda, Email Invitation, Follow-up Post-Event Email 
   – Four Key Design Phase Document Templates: Timeline & Milestones, Statement of Work,
      Project Charter, and Course Outline

> Phase 2: Content Development Management – Self-paced coaching sessions (Access 24×7)
   – P2: Checklist (detailed step-by-step with roles / responsibilities)
   – P2: Ready-to-Fill Templates 
   – Communications Scheduling / Pre-Launch Email templates

> Phase 3: Launch & Sustainment Management – Self-paced coaching sessions (Access 24×7)
   – P3: Checklist (detailed step-by-step with roles / responsibilities)
   – P3: Ready-to-Fill Templates 
   – Launch Communications / Launch and Sustainment Email templates

> LIVE Weekly Group Coaching Q&A Sessions – recorded and archived in Project Management Library
> SOS HELP ME! SMS Text Messaging Service (Option) – Get the help you need on your project ASAP


Need To Get Started NOW?
No Problem… New LIVE classes start each week. Enroll and take immediate project action on the DAY ONE afternoon session. You will confident in making informed key project decisions by filling in project management templates focusing on Design Phase Risk Mitigation strategies for time and money savings dealing with key drivers like: People & Technology, Knowledge (Content) and Key Documentation preparation.

Quick Start Recommendation
We recommend tag-teaming with an experienced eLearning Instructional Designer as your co-project management partner. They will guide you through the design, development and deployment phases of content development. We do not expect you to become a training development expert, but you will be informed of the project progress following the D2T Method checklists.

If you do not have an experienced IDM (eLearning Instructional Design Manager) on staff, we have D2T Method trained IDM experts who can be contracted  to work with you  during the Quick Start program or the entire project. 

Keep in mind,  your role as the lead project manager is to handle the corporate assets and resources (the stuff you know best),  while the IDM handles daily operations of all phases of content development and launch scheduling (the stuff they know best). Together as a leadership team, you will manage step-by-step following the detailed checklists in Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3. 

Interested?  Let’s talk.