Need a Video?
Have you heard the phrase, “Pictures say 1,000 words”?  Sometimes it is much easier to just show someone how to do something, rather than printing out instructions.

Design2Train develops all types of videos for instructional, marketing and SEO (search engine optimization).
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Animated Videos

Animated videos are fun to create, produce quickly and offer a great introduction to a training, product or service. Enjoy!

Short Video Intros

Use short videos to convey a quick message.  This video was created in less than five minutes using an online subscription to Presenter Media.   > Click this  link, to check it out, if you choose to signup, you save $10.  We have subscribed to this service for five years .

Green Screen Videos

The use of a green screen opens up so many opportunities to engage learners and educate potential clients. We enjoy working with clients to help them tell their story or teach others using green screen videos.

Instructional: Fluids Lab Footage

Demonstrating a Real Process: This video segment was produced while documenting a fluids lab test on a drilling ship.  This video is not the final one, but it shows many of the key points that were demonstrated.

WordPress Training Video

Marketing Video: UNCs BBQ

This video was created for UNC's BBQ to introduce their new drive thru window service.  This video generated more sales in just a week.

Product Demo: Time Trade Calendar

How to setup a Time Trade appointments on your calendar.