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PLAN239© Process

PLAN239 is a unique eLearning Project Management Coaching Program. In fact it’s the exact system our Design2Train teams have used to deliver custom eLearning programs since 2001. Quickly ramp-up your skills to start managing on Day-1.  The process works with ALL courseware development tools and delivery systems.  PLAN239 is the best option if you are interested in:

  • Complete training / coaching program ready to implement Day-1
  • Meet Program Launch On-Time in 90 days or less
  • Program Content Lead (eLearning expert) handles all content production & staff
  • Save 50% over traditional production time (Time is money) 
  • Put your project on cruise control, focus on your Real Job work/life balance


Is PLAN239 Right for Me?
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Does PLAN239 Teach Me to Become a Course Developer?

NO.  PLAN239 prepares you to manage eLearning projects. Stay in your own lane and be matched up with one of our experienced eLearning experts, known as a Project Content Lead (PCL). The PCL is responsible for ALL content related production activities including instructional design production staff. We do the work, your project is delivered On-Time, and you take the credit.

Will you learn about courseware development during the process?  of course, but that's not your primary role. 

Does PLAN239 ONLY work with specific eLearning tools?

NO. PLAN239 is a process that works with ALL courseware tools or learning management systems.

If your company currently has specific courseware authoring tools or a learning management system in place, we use them. If you don't have preferred tools, no problem.  We can recommend ones we've used to fit your specific training need. 

Does PLAN239 have options?

Yes. We offer two options that can be customized to meet your specific project needs. They are:

Completion of Flat-fee Contract1: Design Risk Management Phase
Done-With-You (DWY) Option PLUS PLAN239 Coaching Program 

How it Works:
Upon signoff of Contract1,  you and your selected Design2Train Program Content Lead (PCL) remotely attend a LIVE P239 Quick Start Master Class webinar with two-90-minute sessions.  Session 1 is an overview of PLAN239 9-step process so you are both working from a shared point of reference that includes defining your roles and responsibilities. That afternoon in Session 2 you start working together on YOUR Phase 1: Design Risk Management management and mitigation activities. 

The PCL is responsible for leading interviews with the company stakeholders and  project Subject-Matter-Experts (SMEs) you have chosen. Then the PCL compiles the results (you review of course) and uses the information to prepare project-specific management documents from start to launch. These key training documents detail project goals, deliverables, timelines, and expectations. The five documents to be prepared are: 

  • Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Timeline & Milestones (T&M)
  • Project Communiations Plan with OCM Messaging Schedule
  • Course Outline
  • Project Charter
  • You get our best bid offer and of course you can also send the bid out to other vendors.
    What to Expect? This is a flat-fee service contract that includes 30 days of PLAN239 Coaching Portal access

Done-For-You (DFY) Option
PLAN239 Coaching Program and
Completion of Both Contract1 and Contract2

How it Works: We complete your ENTIRE eLearning project from concept to launch using ALL PLAN239 assets
You co-manage the project with your selected Program Content Lead (PCL) from concept to launch in a two-contract program. After completing Contract 1, you are presented with the Contract 2 Proposal.  Upon approval we start immediately on completing Phases 2 and Phase 3.  If you choose to implement the entire PLAN239 program and agree to follow our exact process, we can guarantee to deliver your project On-Time and On-budget with the least impact on your Real Job work/life balance.