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PLAN239© Process

PLAN239 is our eLearning Project Management Coaching Program. It’s the exact system our Design2Train teams have used to deliver custom eLearning since 2001. Quickly ramp-up to start  on Day-1!  PLAN239 works with ALL courseware dev tools and LMS (learning management systems. PLAN239 is your best option to:

  • Complete coaching program ready to start Day-1
  • Meet launch deadline in 90 days or less
  • Get all content done with a dedicated project eLearning expert 
  • Save 50% in production time (Time is money) 
  • Put project on cruise control, focus on Real Job work/life balance


Is PLAN239 Right for Me?
Get your answer right now.
Yes or No, It’s That Simple.

Does PLAN239 Make Me a Course Developer?

NO.  PLAN239 prepares you to co-manage eLearning projects. Do what you do best! Stay in your own lane and be matched up with an  experienced eLearning expert, known as a Program Content Lead (PCL).  The PCL handles ALL content production and managing training development staff. We do the work, the project launches On-Time and you take the credit.


Does PLAN239 ONLY work with specific eLearning tools?

NO. PLAN239 is a process, that works with ALL courseware tools and LMS ( learning management systems).

If your company currently has training tools in place, we will use them. If not, we recommend ones to fit your training need. 

Are there PLAN239 options?

Yes. Two options customized to meet project needs. 

Option 1: Complete Contract 1 (Phase 1)
Complete Phase 1 in 3 weeks or less.
PLUS 30-Day Access to PLAN239 Coaching Portal 

Get to Work?  Attend LIVE PLAN239 Quick Start MasterClass webinar with PCL. PCL produces
Phase 1: Five Key Documents for your review / approval including: Statement of Work (SOW), Timeline & Milestones (T&M), Communications Plan , Course Outline, and Project Charter.  With Phase 1 completed, you've got the roadmap completing the project step-by-step with realistic staffing, time and cost estimate.
Option 2:
DFY Project - Complete Project includes Contract 1 & Contract 2

Complete Project in 90 Days or Less
Done-For-You (DFY) Option for Guaranteed* On-Time / On-Budget Delivery

PLUS 3 Month Access to PLAN239 Coaching Portal 

Get to Work: The PCL co-manages with you to complete the ENTIRE eLearning project from concept to launch using the PLAN239 process. You start on Day-1 in the PLAN239 Quick Start Master Class. After Contract 1 is completed and Contract2 is signed and in place, your PCL immediately starts working Phase 2 and and then Phase 3.  By choosing the DFY Option, if you agree to follow the PLAN239 process throughout the project, we GUARANTEE to deliver your project On-Time and On-Budget with the least impact on your Real Job work/life balance.