Is PLAN239 Right for Me?
Get your answer right now.
Yes or No, It’s That Simple.

Tasked with delivering a business-critical training?

YES.  PLAN239 was created for busy non-training professionals like you, who are first-time or returning project leads. Ramp-up quickly, stay in your project management lane by following detailed checklists from concept to launch.

The best part is... if you follow the 9-step PLAN239 process, you will achieve On-Time launch without negatively impacting you Real Job work/life balance. 

Want to Become a Course Developer?

NO, we don't teach you to become a course developer.
PLAN239 prepares you to manage eLearning projects and work with an experienced instructional designer, known as a Project Content Lead (PCL) who is well-versed in eLearning course development. Will you learn about courseware development along the way, of course, but that is not your primary role. 

Worried about eLearning project fear of failure?

Did you know training industry research reveals over 80% of eLearning projects FAIL.  Why? Because new project managers are just not prepared to deal with project risk in four main categories: people, technology, knowledge, and documentation preparation. Laying a sound foundation by addressing all of these issues makes all of the difference.   

Relax… you are at the Right Place. We teach you on Day-1 the principles of our proven 9-step plan AND you start working on YOUR project's Phase 1: Design Risk Management activities. Ramp-up with confidence.  Handover the time-intensive project content design, development and deployment responsibilities to your Project Content Lead (PCL).  Gain knowledge confidence and skills with ongoing training, coaching and support with the unique Client Portal community. 

Does PLAN239 ONLY work with eLearning tools?

NO. The PLAN239 process can be used with ANY courseware development tool or learning management system.

If your company currently has specific courseware authoring tools or a learning management system in place, no worries. We just ask that your organization provides us with proper licensing and access for courseware development and deployment.  If you do not have tools in place, no problem.  We are happy to recommend ones that we use to fit your training need.