Managing your First eLearning Project?
What is your current confidence level?  Clueless, Cautious, Ready or Hero?

Did you know that 80% of our clients are busy smart professionals are actually Clueless to what it takes to manage big eLearning projects? They need help. So, instead of wasting weeks or months focused on eLearning theory, what if you could invest in program that has a quick start 90-minute lesson, giving you the project roadmap, tools and confidence to start managing your project Day-1 without negatively disrupting you real job? – How do we do this? It’s all baked into our unique Design Risk Management Phase.

Would you say you are Cautious, perhaps recovering from a bad project experience? Training industry research shows 80% eLearning projects FAIL  So you were just a statistic, with the odds stacked against you. But what if you could turn the tables and achieve success on this project?  And learn to manage the entire project with the help of a co-lead eLearning expert? Well, we have the solution. Its time to get back in the saddle and do your eLearning project , the RIGHT way this time.

Do you consider yourself Ready? Typically, 20% of our clients have produced a short training video or small course, but they don’t have a clue on how to manage a complex program.  By complex we are talking multi-day instruction to multiple audiences, perhaps even global distribution in multiple languages for onboarding, new product introduction, leadership skills or professional certification.  Quit trying to piece together a process with electronic bailing wire and duct tape, when on Day-1 coaching we hand over the process roadmap packet with time-saving ready-to-fill templates, documents and most important, match you with an eLearning partner to handle all content production and staff.

Or are you an eLearning Hero who’s moved to a new organization?  Congrats! Quickly build a new strategy using our plan that helps you incorporates all new corporate assets and resources efficiently. Oh, and you have access to our unique coaching portal, to access all program assets 24×7. Let’s face it, this process is just like having your project on cruise control, all you have to do is steer it to the finish line.

So, no matter where you are on the eLearning confidence pyramid, we have the transformative process to building skills and your eLearning HERO status.  Oh, and by the way…. There’s even more value and the savings just keep on coming,  since you can re-cycle the process and templated materials for all future training projects.  So what’ s the process? It’s called PLAN239.  > Learn more